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Jeremy Free


Aloha!  I’m Jeremy Free 36 grew up southern Baptist. Always felt different than other people around me.  In my teen years I was called to preach but felt I lacked experience. I left it in Gods hands to let me experience and understand and be able to share and tell the story. 📷. In which time I came to the following self discoveries Empath, gay, the first person in my family to speak in tongues, the paranormal is real!  Came to APR after a relationship I WAS in went from great to toxic and my partner had an attachment.  During which time I realized my faith was strengthened but was literally hands on during an exorcism as an act of pure love. The victory that night was ours the glory i give to God.  My approach is to accept people where they are without judgment.   The Bible’s full of story’s of how God uses broken people.  My prayer is my story will help or inspire others.  God Bless!