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Nathan levan



Nathan Levan is a paranormal investigator, radio show host, lecturer, and spiritual worker. He was born in a small town in Alabama and can trace his roots back to Ireland, England, and Cherokee Indians. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree and is currently working on his Masters of Science degree. He is passionate about saving historical locations which is evident with his work with the Alabama Historical Commission and Old Cahawba.

His first paranormal experience revolved around his mother which happened at age eight. This experience peeked his curiosity which would later develop into a passion for the paranormal. After the age of sixteen Nathan begin investigation with a couple of friends. This group quickly grow to twenty plus people. After directing several teams, He founded of Alabama Paranormal Research in 2015 which has two teams, one located in North Alabama and the other team in the Montgomery area. In 2017, he realized one of his dreams in the paranormal field by creating a network of five teams in the state of Alabama who are committed to helping those experiencing the unexplained. This network of teams is called Alabama Association of Paranormal Investigators and covers the state. 

Nathan has a long term goal through his research, investigations and radio show to help preserve historical locations. In 2015 he joined with the first state capital of the state of Alabama to do a haunted history tour at Old Cahawba, each year the event has grown, with the proceeds going to Old Cahawba to help fund the park. The event is held two weeks each October and sales out, this is the only chance visitors get to see the park after dark.

Nathan is a very scientific investigator and is always looking for new scientific investigation techniques. Nathan hopes to eventually be able to prove to the scientific community the existence of supernatural phenomena. Nathan also loves to teach people on the paranormal and regularly teaches classes on the paranormal. Nathan is ordained minister and is available for weddings, funerals, spiritual intervention, cleansing, and negative energy work. He is gifted through his Native American side with healing and is always available to help those in need.

Nathan is a member of the Free Masons, Scottish Rite, and Shiners. In his free time avid scuba diver who has logged over a thousand dives. He and his wife Clara reside in Madison, Alabama with their son and fur children and can be found on free weekends cooking out or hiking at one of the local state parks.